Building or renovating a basement is an important finishing step in optimizing a home’s living space. This addition also increases the resale value of the house. Often neglected and even abandoned for lack of time and money, this shared living space can nevertheless enhance your daily life. CP du Sommet wants to help you optimize this unloved part of the house, rarely used to its full potential, by renovating your basement.

Basement renovation may seem expensive at first glance, but when you think about it, it’s a smart investment! It costs very little to add an extra floor, often of the same size as the upper floors of your home. In comparison, it’s much more expensive to buy a new turnkey home with a finished, habitable basement, than to invest a fraction of the cost of your home in basement renovation.

At CP du Sommet, we offer a turnkey service for all your basement finishing and renovation needs. We’ll work with you to answer all your questions, while respecting your budget and deadline. We’ll give you all the information you need, from project planning and bidding to project completion. Our team will be happy to support you every step of the way.

The design and layout possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to basement renovation. If you have a project in mind, we’ll be happy to help you make it a reality! Whether you’re looking to create a family relaxation room, a guest bedroom, a workspace or even a room for your artistic projects, CP du Sommet will be there for you, every step of the way.

Our team acts as an expert advisor for each and every one of your interior renovations. Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for our professionalism, attentiveness and expertise. Call us today for a free quote on creating and implementing your basement renovations. Bring a touch of comfort and intimacy to this ordinary room that will soon be the envy of many, thanks to the meeting of our expertise and your ideas. CP du Sommet is a team of highly specialized experts ready to listen to your every need. Contact us today!

Basement renovation


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