The kitchen is a central room in a property, and its renovation directly increases the sale value of the home. That’s why updating or modernizing it is always an excellent idea! This room is multifunctional. It’s where people cook, gather and create memories. For all these reasons, it’s important that the kitchen reflects your image. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the kitchen must also be functional, practical and safe. That’s why it’s important to get the right advice and to think carefully about any work that needs to be done.

When moving into a new home, we often advise you to live there for a few months before starting any kitchen renovations. During this period of adaptation, you can observe your different habits and note any irritants. After a few months, you’ll be in a better position to determine what ergonomics would benefit you in your kitchen, such as the location of each appliance, the removal of a wall that obstructs the view of the dining room or living room, and also to clearly define your needs.

Kitchen renovations can take many forms. Whether you just want to freshen up a kitchen that’s a few years old, or completely demolish an existing kitchen and redo the whole thing from scratch, our designers and space specialists can guide you through the various options available.

You’ll also need to think about the style you want to give your new kitchen. For some, this is a pleasant step, for others a real headache. With the help of our advisors, you’ll find it easier to identify your tastes and style. What once seemed like a mountain will suddenly become a beautiful design experience.

Whatever the scope of the work you choose to undertake, our experts are skilled and use the best equipment to bring your project to a successful conclusion. Thanks to our partnerships with various specialists in the region, we can offer you the most comprehensive range of services possible. What’s more, we coordinate every trade on your job site to ensure that the schedule is respected and the final costs are within budget.

When you choose CP du Sommet for your renovations, you’re entrusting your project to a team of renovation experts. For over 15 years, we’ve been working to improve the quality of life of Outaouais residents by delivering high-quality projects that meet their needs. Our team’s expertise and creativity guarantee the success of each and every one of our projects. We’ll work together, from inception to completion, to turn your dreams into reality.

Kitchen renovation


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